100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10 minutes at a time (Tips #40 to #31)

#40: Start early. When pushing the stroller, describe to your toddler what you see in language #2.

#39: Read the same story to your toddler in the minority language. Small kids love the routine and will absorb every word.

#38: Put a short poem in the 2nd language in the school bag of your child for Valentine’s Day. Or a kind note on any other day.

#37: Read together a cartoon/comic book about your hometown. Your voice will probably sound different.

#36: When on a road trip, put your kids in the co-pilot’s seat and print out Google Maps directions in language #2.

#35: When reading an illustrated book together, ask open-ended questions about what you see.

#34: Ask grandpa to go over his stamp collection and talk about countries and monuments in the 2nd language.

#33: Help your kids watch their favorite sport event in the 2nd language.

#32: Take paper plates at snack time and write little notes in the target language (see picture above).

#31: Dress up, have fun and role play a character in the 2nd language.