100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10 minutes at a time (Tips #50 to #41)

#50: Play hangman in the car. Letters are attached to the board. Great in any language http://on.fb.me/11fYDOQ

#49: Subscribe to a monthly magazine in the 2nd language. Kids are excited to receive mail.

#48: Watch a free BrainPop short movie in Spanish with the kids. Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Maths,… http://esp.brainpop.com/freemovies/

#47: Have a mailbox inside the house to leave secret messages to your children in the 2nd language (tip from Be_bilingual)

#46: Watch a soccer game, or any sports event your kids like, in the 2nd language. Is there anything better than watching Barcelona or Real Madrid play with Spanish audio?

#45: Check out Pinterest to find app recommendations in the 2nd language. Here a board for French apps for kids from Sarah at Baby Bilingual

#44: Kids love making their own videos. Give them the camera or phone and have them record while you read a short story in the 2nd language. They will watch it several times.

#43: Leave a book in the 2nd language on the kitchen table before breakfast. Chances are the kids will ask you to read it.

#42: Build a wheel to teach los días de la semana (tip from Spanish Playground)

#41 Ask your kids to help you make their favorite dish by reading the recipe in the 2nd language.