100 Tips to Raise a Bilingual Child, 10 minutes at a time (Tips #70 to #61)

#70: Learn to read with sports stickers. Our son loves reading the names of Spanish soccer players, from his “Panini” collection.

#69: Keep a bookshelf or a basket just for storybooks in the 2nd language. It makes it easy to just grab a book and read.

#68: Watch “The sound of Music” in Spanish: Sonrisas y Lagrimas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnL94BLgUkE

#67: At bedtime, say “Thank you” in the 2nd language for 3 good things that happened during the day.

#66: Read short stories with dialogues together: you read a line, your child reads a line.

#65: Set the GPS in your car in the 2nd language and ask the kids to repeat the directions while driving http://on.fb.me/TiXxew

#64: Bedtime bilingual puppet show: act it our first, then have the kids do one.

#63: Read aloud chapter books in the 2nd language to get kids hooked and ask for more.

#62: Before you travel for work, record a video of you reading a story in the target language. The kids can watch it at bedtime while you are away.

#61: Play music in the 2nd language that you enjoy as parents. Otherwise too many French, Spanish or Chinese nursery rhymes will drive you crazy!