Top 10 reasons why kids should learn French

#10: If you go to a French bakery, you cannot help but have a big smile when your child says: “Une baguette et 4 croissants, s’il vous plaît”.

#9: If you have little ballet dancers at home, they can tell their friends what “Jeté”, “Pas de deux” and “Battement” mean.

#8: You will feel less guilty about the kids watching TV, if they watch “Ratatouille” in French.

#7: Quebec is gorgeous. And a trip to a “cabane à sucre” to eat “crêpes au sucre d’érable” (maple sirup) is an experience no child will ever forget.

#6: Most children, and parents, love being told French nursery rhymes. “Frère Jacques” or “Sur le Pont d'Avignon” are sweet to our ears forever.

#5: Knowledge of French, with its cartesian logic, can help improve critical thinking and problem solving.

#4: “In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines…”  If you have a little girl, she will love to play “Madeline” using her French.

#3: Learning French as a family is a good reason to take a wonderful beach vacation in Guadeloupe, St Martin or the Côte d’Azur.

#2: Being able to read “Astérix” or "Tintin" in French will be one of your kids best childhood memories.

#1: France is the #1 visited country in the world. It is very likely that your kids will go there one day. With you, with their friends, or with their spouse.

Do you have another reason why kids should learn French?