100 Tips to Raise a Bilingual Child, 10 minutes at a time (Tips #80 to #71)

#80: Find apps in the 2nd language to read, play or sing. Here is a selection for French from Sarah @ BabyBilingual http://bit.ly/SOvnuj

#79 Ask your family or friends for help. If someone is far away, ask them to read a story in the 2nd language via Skype.

#78 If you have a toddler, finish the bedtime story with a song. Make it a routine.

#77 Play a memory game to find the matching cards.

#76 Baby sitter: find a college student who speaks the language and wants to practice with your kids when you go out on Saturday night.

#75 Join a playgroup for the 2nd language.

#74 Give lots of positive feedback to build confidence.

#73 Have your child draw a picture of what he/she did during the week-end and review it together in the 2nd language. It helps reinforce communication ability.

#72 Book a free online lesson via Skype with a language tutor. See if your kids like it.

#71 Cook a dish together from the target country: Spanish vocabulary is more fun when you make a paella.