The power of songs to help children learn a 2nd language

Music classes are increasingly popular to help with our children’s development, as well as language classes. We came across several parents actively using music as a way to reinforce learning of a second language.

Why is music so helpful to learn a second language?
1.     Songs are fun
2.     Songs increase retention
3.     Songs place vocabulary in context

Songs in a second language are fun

We know that children, especially small children, really like music. They relate to it as entertainment and find learning vocabulary through songs amusing. Songs associated with hand and arm gestures are even more powerful in engaging children.

Songs increase retention

Most of us are able to remember several children songs we learned as kids. Music helps retain words and expressions much more effectively. The rhythm of the music helps memorize, as well as the repetitive patterns within the song.

Songs place new words in context

A song is also a little story. Children learn new words and expressions in the context of a story within the song. This will more easily captivate the attention of kids learning a 2nd language. Words make sense faster when you learn them in the context of the lyrics in the song, than when you learn them by themselves.

Music plays an important role in learning a second language. Similar areas of the brain are activated when listening to or playing music and speaking or processing language. Language and music are both associated with emotions, the combination makes it a powerful way to learn a second language.

If you have a way to use music to teach your kids a second language, please let us know.