Top 10 reasons to marry someone from Spain

10. Even if your home country is not great at soccer, you have a good reason to support Real Madrid or Barcelona and feel a little bit like a champion
9. You get to learn Spanish, I mean you HAVE TO learn Spanish…
8. You will learn how to live like a Spaniard while on vacation: hopping from one tapas bar to the next
7. Food tastes better when you are hungry: lunch is at 3:30pm and dinner at 11pm
6. Spanish-speaking contractors will give you better deals
5. You discover Rioja Gran Reserva wines, that you can drink with the world’s best ham, jamon jabugo
4. Listening to my wife’s accent in English removes concerns I might have had about mine
3. Sunday night at home is Paella night
2. Learning Spanish will inspire you and your children to learn a new language on top of it
1. "Te quiero" sounds as good as "Je t’aime"

Thank you to Corey at MultilingualLiving for the idea. If you see some other reasons, or have your own, please let us know!