Learn French

iPad and iPhone: Princesses Learn French
Android: Princesses Learn French

Princesses Learn French (TM)  is our free iPad, iPhone and Android app designed to expose children to their first French words and expressions.

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The 1st book, Snow White, is free. It is a beautifully narrated story with music by Tchaikovsky. You will also find games and songs. Other books are available for purchase within the app.

Here is a short video:

How does the app work? Each book you download has different sections

Read: Each book helps your child discover new French words and expressions in the context of a story

Play: Bingo, Memory and Sticker games allow your child to play with French words that are part of the story.

Sing: An engaging song helps your child practice the words he or she learned in the story and game sections of the book

Color: Learn the names of the colors in French while coloring one of the drawings from the story

My Cards contains the cards featured in each story. You can listen and learn how each word is pronounced. The more books you read, the more cards you have in My Cards.

Enjoy discovering your first words and expressions in French with the Princesses!