Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our apps: Princesses Learn Chinese, Princesses Learn Spanish, Princesses Learn French, Princesses Learn German, Princesses Learn Sight Words.

What is the Princess Library?

The Princess Library contains all the books you can download from the Princesses Learn Chinese, Spanish or French apps. In each app, the 1st book is free. The others are available for purchase.

What is My Books?

My Books lists all the books that you downloaded. The 1st book is free and appears automatically in My Books. Once you purchased other books, they are listed in My Books section

What is My Cards?

My Cards has all the flashcards of the books you downloaded. The cards are organized in categories. Tap on a category to open the cards inside. You can swipe from right to left to see all the cards. The cards turn when you tap on them: an audio says the word in the target language and you can see how the word is written.

What is "Restore"? (iPad/iPhone only)

The "Restore" button on the top left of the "Princess Library" allows to download again all the books you purchased. Examples:
- If you purchased books with your iPad, and want to download them on your iPhone, you can tap "Restore" on your iPhone and the books will download for free if you use the same Apple ID you used originally to purchase the books.
- If you reinstall or update the app, tap on "Restore" to install again the books you purchased.

I purchased a new book successfully, but it does not appear in My Books or I cannot open it

Depending on your internet connection speed, downloading a new book can take some time. Try closing the app and restarting it. If it does not work, download the book again. You will not be charged a second time.

I want to have the books on my phone and my tablet. Do I need to pay twice?

No. You pay for a book only once, and you can download it on any device using the same email account you used the first time.

On iPad/iPhone:
You can use the "Restore" button, or you can use again the "Buy" button. After the iPad or iPhone asks you if it's OK to make the purchase, you will see a message saying "You have already purchased this item and it will be downloaded for free."

On Android devices:
Once you purchased a book, you will see a "download" button next to the book. If you use your Google Play account on another device, you do not have to re-purchase the book. You can download it for free.

I can’t buy a book. The Buy button does not work. Why?

Make sure you have In App purchases enabled. To check, open Settings on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Tap into "General", then "Restrictions", and verify that "In-App Purchases" is set to "On".

If that is done, then try restarting Princesses Learn Chinese. If the problem persists, contact us at support@earlylanguages.com.

What is the card on the top left of each story page?

1, 2 or 3 cards are placed on the upper left side of each screen. When you tap on the card, it opens up. Another tap, and the card turns to show the word in the target language.

What is the Princess head on the bottom left of each story page?

The Princess encourages you to repeat the word or expression you heard on the page.

How do I turn pages in the story?

You can swipe your finger from the edge of the screen towards the center to turn a page, to go to the next page in the story or to the previous one. You can also use the arrows on the bottom pink bar.

Can I stop the narration of the story to read myself?

Yes. You can tap on the “pause” button in the middle of the bottom pink bar.

How do you play the Bingo game?

Listen to the word in the target language, and find the right card. A card also appears on the purple bar, on top of the screen. That card is a hint that helps you find the right card. Once you found 3 cards in a row or 4 in a column: Bingo!

What are the musical notes on the Sing screen?

When you tap on the musical notes, you hear a piece of the song. This encourages you to repeat and practice each part of the song. You can listen to the whole song by tapping on “Play Song”.

For any other question or technical problem, please contact us at support@earlylanguages.com