About Us

Our beliefs:

We believe that learning generates happiness

We believe that learning new languages opens the door to greater opportunities

We believe that if young children start learning a new language today, it will create a more peaceful world tomorrow

We believe in using everyday life to expose children to a new language, 10 minutes at a time.

Franck grew up in Alsace, France speaking Alsatian (a German dialect) with his parents and friends. He learned French in school starting at 3, then German and English as foreign languages. He came to Boston where he was inspired to learn Spanish when he met his wife Cristina. He is currently learning Chinese. Franck works in retail and consumer goods.

Cristina grew up in the Basque Country, in Spain. Her best high school memories come from teaching English to young school children. She learned French when she met Franck. She is currently learning Chinese with her daughter and her son. Cristina works for a leading consumer goods company.

Elena and Pablo are Franck & Cristina's children. They live in New Jersey with their parents and speak English, Spanish and French. They are the inspiration for this blog.

You can contact us at: franck (at) earlylanguages.com