Speak French, Spanish or German with Alexa

 Lingo Trip

We launched our first "skill" on Amazon Alexa, Lingo Trip.

Lingo Trip makes it fun to practice speaking 100 key expressions in French, Spanish or German, before you go on your trip.

Are you planning to visit another country? Do you want to practice key expressions before your trip? Do you want to practice and play as a family or with friends? Lingo Trip turns practicing speaking French, Spanish or German into a family game.

Choose a language. 1 to 4 players can play. Choose a level for your game. You will be given a word or expression to translate.

Activate Lingo Trip in the Alexa store, it is free! Just say "Alexa, start Lingo Trip" to get started!

Let us know your feedback at support@earlylanguages.com