100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10 minutes at a time (Tips #30 to #21)

Tip #30: If you have a dog or a cat, talk to them in the target language. Great way for the kids to play and practice.

Tip #29: Planning a trip for spring break / summer vacation? Look for a travel journal in your minority language for the children (tip from Be_Bilingual)

Tip #28: Go book hunting together: kids are more likely to engage a book in language number 2 if they selected it

Tip #27: Keep a few books in the 2nd language on the backseat in your car. Kids are likely to flip through them while you drive together to school or to the supermarket.

Tip #26: Listen to your kids and do not interrupt their train of thought in language #2

Tip #25: Use hand puppets with toddlers to teach basic expressions in the 2nd language (tip from Corinne Wilhelm)

Tip #24: Write short messages in language #2 for your kids and put them on the dinner table, the school folder, the lunch box,…

Tip #23: Make it fun to talk about animals in the 2nd language using hand shadows

Tip #22: Create a dedicated “read-a-story” space at home, a cozy corner in a room to sit down and read in language #2

Tip #21: Brush teeth with music: play your kids favorite song in the 2nd language