Yum! Learning a 2nd language should taste good!

For many people, cooking is a passion. We cook to relax, unwind, and share a dish with our friends and family. Cooking can also be a great opportunity to spend time with the kids and teach them about food in the 2nd language.

Learning by doing is one of the best ways to learn. And it certainly is a great way for children to learn a 2nd language. Kids will learn about food and vocabulary in a 2nd language when you read books about it.

They will learn even faster if they can prepare something with the ingredients. They are more likely to retain the vocabulary when they "do" something with it. And an added bonus: they will be proud of eating and sharing the dishes you prepared together.

Finding simple recipes in the 2nd language helps. We attached here our bilingual Guacamole recipe.

Bon appétit! Buen provecho! Enjoy!