Top 10 reasons why kids should learn Spanish

1. Spanish vocabulary is much more fun to learn when you cook together a “paella”.

2. Your son or daughter can make a real difference by helping a Spanish-speaking child that came to your country integrate easily in school.

3. "Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay": singing “Cielito Lindo” along with a Mexican mariachi band fills your heart with joy.

4. Watching a soccer game of Barcelona or Real Madrid in Spanish and listening to the commentators shout “Goooooooaaaaaaaal!” brings soccer to another level.

5. According to researchers, by 2050, 10 percent of the world population will speak Spanish and the United States will be the biggest Spanish-speaking country.

6. “Sonrisas y lagrimas” in Spanish is just as beautiful as its English version, “The Sound of Music”.

7. The whole family can take a vacation in Santo Domingo and learn salsa and merengue.

8. Lunch is at 3pm in Spain: food tastes better when you are hungry.

9. Visiting the Alhambra of Grenada should be on everyone’s bucket list.

10. “Te quiero” sounds just as good as “I love you”.