100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10 minutes at a time (Tips #60 to #51)

#60: Write a note in the target language and put it in their lunch box.

#59: Check out www.childrenslibrary.org, a free online library with around 4,500 digitized children’s books in 55 languages (tip from Annika @ Be_Bilingual).

#58: Think about compound interest: 10min a day of reading in language #2 = equivalent of 2,000 children audiobooks over 10 years.

#57 Add a book in language #2 as a gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

#56: Find holiday and Christmas music in the second language. We like “Villancicos” in Spanish.

#55: Find a pen pal to make writing (or texting) in the 2nd language fun.

#54: Before you board the plane for the holidays, download their favorite cartoon in language #2 on your iPad or computer.

#53: Read aloud a familiar chapter book in the 2nd language (Magic Tree House in English = La Cabane Magique in French)

#52: Instead of looking at the things you should have done with your kids, look at the great achievements you made so far.

#51: Build legos together in the 2nd language. Vocabulary learning is reinforced by doing.