100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10 minutes at a time (#90 to #81)

#90: Go to your child’s favorite Chinese or Spanish restaurant and practice what you have learned.

#89: Have breakfast with family that speaks the 2nd language via Skype.

#88: Cook together a soup. Learn the names of the vegetables as you cut and wash them.

#87: Go shopping together. Go to the corner store near your home. Take time to explain what you put in the cart in the 2nd language.

#86: Role play with a song in the 2nd language. Find a song that has 2 characters and sing together. “Hola Don Pepito, Hola Don Jose” in Spanish is a good example.

#85: Do 10min of homework in 2nd language with a snack they like.

#84: Find a karaoke song on YouTube in the 2nd language and sing it together.

#83: Describe the clothes and their colors in the 2nd language to the children when getting them dressed in the morning

#82: Play soccer with Messi
Pretend you are Ronaldo and Messi. Play a 5- to 10-minute soccer game using the 2nd language. Helps practice sports vocabulary while kicking the ball.

#81: YouTube cartoon routine
Asterix et Obelix, Oui-Oui, etc. There are many cartoons in French on YouTube, that are split in 10 minute episodes. Make watching 10min a routine, kids need no convincing.