100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10min at a time (#100 to #91)

#100: Sing a song while giving the bottle

#99: Read a story while having breakfast

#98:Role play being in a foreign restaurant: one is the waiter, the other the customer

#97: Sing the same 3 lullabies in 2nd language at bedtime. Kids like repetition.

#96: Read your favorite childhood comic to your child in 2nd language (e.g. Asterix)

#95: Buy audiobooks with CD to listen at home and in the car, or download on your iPod http://on.fb.me/UpQmEH

#94: Plan a trip and write vocabulary in the 2nd language with your child in a diary

#93: Find a song on YouTube on which your child can dance and sing. Singing and dancing reinforce the learning. http://bit.ly/SAyS3v

#92: If your son or daughter loves soccer, find a soccer cartoon on YouTube in the 2nd language http://bit.ly/S9GEGx

#91: Play “Veo veo”, Spanish version of “I spy with my little eye” http://bit.ly/PGUL2k