Trip to Shanghai: Shanghai Ni Hao

We made it to Shanghai! Two weeks of discovery of the city and its people. The trip was way less painful we thought. 15-hour flight, half of it spent sleeping, which allowed us to be in decent shape when we got to Pudong Airport in Shanghai.

Thanks to a good friend of ours, Jim Zhang and his father welcomed us and took us to a great Chinese restaurant. Jim helped as a translator with his father, when our one year of learning Chinese was not good enough.

The food was unbelievable, tasty, light, fresh. A wide variety of amazing Shanghai specialties. And we love food. We were also treated to Moutai, a very good traditional Chinese liquor.

We are very thankful to the Zhang family. What a better way to reinforce our desire to learn as much as we can about the culture and the people here.

Shanghai, here we are!