Princesses Learn French: Beauty and the Beast is our 5th book

Beauty and the Beast is the 5th book of our iPad and iPhone app, Princesses Learn French.

In Beauty and the Beast, children learn about different rooms in the house. The dialogues with English and French audio are structured around the expression "Where are you?", "Where is she?", "Where am I?". It helps children learn the expression in the context of a story.

The words in the story are reinforced through games and a song. All the French vocabulary of the story is available for review in the "My Cards" section of the app.

The app is free, and the 1st book, Snow White, is free. The other books are available for purchase. Once a book is downloaded, you can have it for free on all other devices.

Here are a few screenshots of the book.

Read section of the book

Sing section

Game section
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