Our trip to Shanghai: Learning Chinese with Karaoke

We have been taking online classes via Skype to learn Chinese for the last few months now. Our teacher is Han Yue, from Wu Han (about 800km from Shanghai). She came over to Shanghai to meet us and we spent the week-end together.

Yue and her friend Maggy took all of us to KTV Karaoke on Sunday. The place was fully booked on Friday and Saturday evening, so no other choice. This place had close to 100 private rooms with sofas, food, drinks and karaoke entertainment systems. Several were filled, even on a Sunday morning at 9am! Yue told us that the karaoke places were popular across China, among friends on week-ends and for birthday parties.

Elena and Pablo took the mics to sing all their Chinese songs they learned so far. Here is one of their videos:

Songs are a great way to learn a language. Karaoke in Shanghai just takes it to another level.