Princesses Learn Chinese, Our App is Live!

We are launching our app today! You can download it here:

Princesses Learn Chinese exposes children to their first Mandarin Chinese words and expressions, through stories, games and songs.

Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are the first books in the collection. The application is free, and the 1st book is free. It is available on both iPad and iPhone

What makes Princesses Learn Chinese different?

#1 We believe in a story-based approach: helping children understand Chinese expressions in the context of a story

-        Discover new Mandarin Chinese words, integrated in timeless tales. Tales are in English, with a new Chinese word or expression on each page
-        Listen to high quality narration by professional narrators
-        Enjoy classical music (Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty,…) by Tchaikovsky and other famous composers 
-        Associate images to Chinese characters and their pronunciation
-        Practice repeating the Chinese words on each page with the help of a Princess

#2 We believe that learning should be fun. Games and songs help reinforce the learning

-        Memory game: Exercise your memory and associate Chinese characters with their pronunciation
-        Bingo game: Listen to a word and find the right image and character
-        Sticker game: Put stickers to the right location and listen to its pronunciation
-        Color a picture while learning about the different colors in Chinese
-        Sing a song in Chinese and tap onto musical buttons to listen to different parts of the song

New stories are added on a regular basis. Open the app to see which new story is added to the Princess Library.


Send us your feedback, it will help us improve.

Enjoy discovering Chinese with the Princesses!