10 reasons why parents help their child learn a 2nd language

What drives you to help your child learn another language? Why do you put in the time and the effort?

Here are 10 reasons why parents are looking to find ways to teach their children more than one language. Teaching another language requires focus and perseverance. What drives parents?

“Learning a language will help my children understanding our heritage and our culture” (Anke, mother of 2, teaching German)

 “I would love to relocate in a few years from now to China and make the transition easy for our family” (Jesse, father of 3, teaching Chinese)

“Exposure to my native language makes my daughter open-minded about a different culture” (Martin, father, teaching Norwegian)

“Learning can only broaden their opportunities in the future” (Ann, mother of 2, teaching Spanish)

“It builds a closer relationship with my kids” (Stephane, father of 2, teaching French)

“I would like her to speak fluently with her grandparents and cousins back home” (Veronika, mother, teaching Portuguese)

 “It helps activate different areas of the brain” (Kamlesh, father of 2, teaching Gudjarati)

“We all learn together. It’s not just my children learning the language, they inspire me to learn also” (Cristina, mother of 2, teaching Chinese)

“I have fond childhood memories of learning a language. I would like my daughter to have the same” (Ishaan, father of 2, teaching Hindi)

“Is there a better gift you can give to your children than the gift of a language?” (Marcelo, father of 4, teaching English)

If you have some personal reasons why you want your child to learn another language, please comment below or email us at franck@earlylanguages.com