Make 10 Minutes Count: Breakfast in French with the Princesses

Elena, our 6-year old daughter, is similar to many of her friends: she just loves princesses. She likes princess stories, princess dresses, princess stickers, etc. Something else she really likes is Cheerios with bananas for breakfast.
It is sometimes hard for me to fit 10-minute long French stories at the end of the day. Elena and Pablo might be able to focus on a 5-minute story in the evening, but we might loose them if it is much longer.
So we do "Breakfast with the Princesses". In the morning, Elena, Pablo and I are in the kitchen with 1 or 2 stories. During the 10 to 15 minutes that it takes to gulp down the Cheerios, I have their full attention. And I just read in French, whatever story they want to pick from the library, as long as it is in French. And with Elena it is often about princesses.
By the time breakfast is done, both Elena and Pablo listened for at least 10 minutes of stories in French. And I savored my morning coffee.
Do you have a morning routine in a second language with your child? Let me know.