“Stories and games help Philipp learn Russian”

The 5 Questions: How do you inspire your child to learn a new language?

Profile: Natasha and her almost 4-year old son Philipp
Location: London
Language learned in school: English
Language Philipp learns with Mom: Russian

What is your favorite activity that helps Philipp learn Russian?

Reading stories. Philipp got addicted to the same bedtime story (Zogg the Dragon), and he asks me to read it to him night after night. He knows every word, and corrects me if I make any mistake. We also like playing board games together, playing dominos in Russian.

What is a helpful tool you use?

The iPad is a great tool. Since we only talk in Russian at home, it helps me to expose him to English songs, Christmas carols. "Fish School" is a great app he likes.

What is your #1 challenge?

There was a fear that Philipp would fall behind in English, especially when he started going to school. There is quite a bit of pressure that is put on parents to talk to the kids in English in London schools.

What helps in overcoming this challenge?

Having friends that do the same helps, being part of a community. Time also helps. I saw with Philipp that his English got better and he is now fluent in both.

Any tip or advice you have for other parents?

Have patience!